Where's my Raspberry???

by Stacey
(Gales Ferry, CT)

Oh how I loved my chickens.

The kids came home with a scientific experiment one day; we were going to incubate chicken eggs. Well, I was a little befuddled over the idea, but once they were born we had to keep them. Much to my surprise, they were the best pets ever. Whenever I drove home they run up to greet me and start clucking and looking for the banana peels I would give them for treats.

I loved when my children were young and they ran across the yard with the whole flock of chickens flying just a little higher then the height of my kids. They were also a source of constant conversations with my neighbors, “hey saw your chickens crossing the road”, they looked both ways before they crossed. “Smart chickens you have there, Lady!”

My favorite day I spent with my chickens, I was by my raspberry plants and I saw that most of my berries were gone. Feeling very perplexed I asked out loud 'who is stealing my berries?' and as I reached up to grab one to place in my mouth I felt a scuttle at my feet and there was my favorite of all the chickens flying up and getting to the berry before me. Lost out on my berry, but got my question answered.

Want a chicken as a pet? I say, go for it, they will amaze you.

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Apr 18, 2013
Where's My Raspberry?
by: Anonymous

Too Funny! It just goes to prove that chickens really do have their own personalities

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