Queen of the Roost

by Tabitha E.
(Houston, TX)

Edith was use to dealing with odd pets. As a vet, her day was never boring. She still remembers the piglet named Hamlet that was brought to her for swallowing a blue ribbon medal. But that's another story.

This story is about a little hen named Belina. Yes, it was named after the chicken in the Oz stories. It was a Thursday. The day after hump day and the day before Friday. It was the last appointment of the day.

It had started with a horse with the hiccups. By the time she had gotten to her last patient, she was exhausted. When she read the chart of her last patient, she thought “how cute, I bet she is the sweetest thing!”

As soon as she knocked on the exam room door, there was the worst noise she had ever heard. Opening the door, she saw the cause. Belina's owner was cowering in the corner, with a chair being held up in front of her.

The little hen was standing on the examination table, wings spread wide, screeching, squawking, and flapping her wings, all at the same time. Sobs and whimpers came from the owner.

The little hen was smaller than most full grown hens, plain brown with white speckles on its legs and belly. But with her feathers fluffed out in her outrage, she looked twice as big.

Around her left leg was some chicken wire, tangled and obviously causing pain. "Please help." the owner whimpered. "She won't let anyone but my husband touch her and he is out of town!"

Calmly, Edith edged to the counter and opened the drawer where she kept her heavy rubber gloves. Taking a syringe out, she slowly approached the frantic little hen. Suddenly, she spun and sedated the owner!

As the owner drooped to the floor, Belina began to calm down. Then Edith was able to restrain the hen and remove the chicken wire. She gave the little chicken a shot of the sedative, also and then had her assistants help get both the owner and the patient into her car.

Edith drove them both home, got them both into the house, and left a note on the front door for the husband. The note read, "Your wife and your hen are both inside. I have done what I could. I will not be responsible for what happens if you leave these two jealous females alone together again.

Your car is at my office. I hope to be paid when you come to retrieve it. Sincerely, Dr. Edith, DVM “I believe she never accepted them as a patient ever again.

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