My Pet Chicken, Suzy

by Neal S.
(Orlando, FL)

My pet chicken, Suzy, was the best pet I ever had.

I grew up on a farm with dogs, goats, rabbits, cows, horses, and chickens.

We also had a rooster named Larry, Larry was special though because he only wanted to be with the dogs, but he did like Suzy.

Every time someone would put Suzy back in the coop, Larry would cluck and make a lot of noise until somebody took her back out.

She would chase after the ball with the dogs and sometimes even would ride on them around the farm.

There was nothing common about this chicken. She didn't even really like being with other chickens.

Sometimes she would come up to the door of the house and stay there until somebody came out and walked with her or play with her.

It really made me change my perception of what a “pet” is.

I came to love Suzy more than any of the other animals on the farm and when it was time to sell her I decided I had to buy her and keep her as my pet.

She was just such an odd animal to have as a pet but I really enjoyed having her around. After a while I convinced my family to let me keep her in the house.

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Apr 10, 2014
Cool Story
by: Amy

That is so cool that Suzy was so into people. It seems like she may not have known she was a chicken, lol. Great story

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