Location and Planning for Your Chicken's Home 

Large Chicken Coop With Large Attached Chicken Run

Location is Everything!

Room in the Yard

You’ll want to find the best place on your property to place your chicken’s new home.

The physical characteristics of your backyard or lot will be the primary factor when choosing where to place your chicken coop. Consider how much yard space you have to devote to your coop.

This is important because the available yard space may limit the size and layout of your planned chicken coop.

It may help to try laying out cardboard pieces or to rope off the location you're considering using. This will help you to visualize the size and space of your planned coop as it relates to your yard.

Raising chickens in your backyard will be much more enjoyable if you have your chicken coop site and accessories in a well laid out and easily accessible location.

Sun and Shade

While your back yard chickens enjoy basking in the sun, they must also have access to shade during the hot days of summer. Check the position of any existing shade source such as trees, etc.

The shade source can protect the chickens from wind and rain as well as the sun.

If the winters are harsh in your area, you'll want to position your chicken house facing south. This position will give your new flock the most warmth possible from the sun during the winter months when they need it most.


Your coop ideally should be positioned on dry, level ground with the water draining away from it.  

Without good drainage water puddles can form. These wet, muddy areas can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and disease. 

Chicken manure that gets mixed with the mud can get tracked into the coop creating an unsanitary, unhealthy environment for your flock.

By putting your backyard coop in a well thought out spot you'll have a nice, healthy environment to raise your flock in.

And healthy, happy chickens  will lay more of those delicious, nutritious eggs for you and your family to enjoy.


How close are your neighbors? Avoid locating your chicken coop too close to your neighbors.  Sounds, smells and dust could have a negative effect on them. 

Try to choose a location that will keep you a good neighbor.

Close to Your Home or Hidden From View?

Perhaps you prefer to place your chicken coop in a position close to your house, especially if you've got a hen house that is attractive and compliments your home, also it can be fun to be able to watch your chicken’s antics from your house.

Having your hen house close by will allow you to keep an eye on things when relaxing at home and enable you to get to the coop quickly if needed.

It also makes gathering eggs and providing chicken care more convenient for your family.

If your coop isn't the prettiest or the location has issues, you may want to hide it from view behind another structure or place it in some other more suitable area.

A Few Other Considerations

The number of chickens you have depends on the available space but may also be limited by local zoning ordinances so it's a good idea to make some calls to your local or county zoning commission to be sure that you can have back yard chickens and what the requirements are. 

If you live in the US, then you should be able to find your town's or city's codes here.

If your area allows chickens but restricts housing size for them, start with these restrictions to determine the number of hens you can keep in healthy, stress-free conditions.

Whenever possible and if the space is available, choose an area that will allow as much space as possible for your chickens to get some exercise while staying within your local, county or state municipal codes and regulations.

Finally, have fun! Raising chickens is a wonderful adventure that can be fun for the whole family as well as being one that is very productive. 

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