So... You're Wondering How to Raise Chickens?

Rooster Standing Guard Over His Hens

Okay, Let's Get Started...

How to raise chickens? This is probably one of the first questions you'll have if you're interested in raising chickens.

You probably already know there are many wonderful benefits to raising backyard chickens such as fresh eggs, meat, excellent fertilizer for your backyard plants and/or gardens, they provide excellent pest control and they're a natural, complimentary part of the environment.

Of course, we don’t want to forget the fun you and your family will get from interacting with and taking care of your backyard chickens while watching their zany antics.

But what is really involved when it comes to you and your family raising your own flock of chickens and what do you really need to know about how to raise chickens successfully?

If you're brand new to raising chickens, you'll probably want to start with our "raising chickens for beginners" page. It's packed full of info for the beginning flock owner.

Already Know the Basics and Ready to Start?

Learning how to raise chickens successfully begins with first making a few decisions about your planned flock. These decisions will include how you'll start your flock, the purpose of your flock, housing your flock, and caring for your flock.

Depending on how you start your flock will determine what you need to know immediately to raise chickens.  

You have a few different options when it comes to starting your flock, such as buying unhatched eggs, buying mature laying hens (easiest and least expensive) or raising baby chickens.

Hatching baby chicks or starting with baby chickens will require a lot more knowledge and time in the beginning than starting out with hens that are already laying.

You’ll also want to decide on what you want from your flock and how many chickens you want to start with.

Some of the different types of chickens are: laying hens only, chickens for a meat supply, dual purpose chickens that are good for laying eggs and meat production, show chickens, or chickens as pets.

Once you determine how you want to start your flock, how many chickens you’re starting with, and why you want a flock it’s time to determine the best breeds for your situation.

A great place to get some information about the different types and which breeds are good based on their traits is our page about types of chickens.

Housing your flock is a critical part of raising chickens and you have lots of options here too. You can learn more on our chicken coops page.

Caring for chickens, at minimum, means good maintenance and a healthy environment. You can learn more about what you should do when caring for your flock on our chicken coop maintenance page.

All of this information taken together will help you learn how to raise chickens successfully.

Welcome to the wonderful world of raising chickens. We're glad you're here! 

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