Environmental Benefits of Backyard Chickens & Gardens

Unfortunately, Our Environment Is in Trouble. This Is a Problem That Affects All of Us and Every Species Living on This Planet That We Call Our Home. The Good News Is That Together, We Can Make a Difference!

You just have to watch the news, surf the web or pick up a newspaper to see that our planet is in trouble.

Some of the more drastic signs of global climate change are:

  • A huge increase in violent storms
  • Holes or thinning in the ozone layer
  • Melting ice caps leading to rising oceans, flooding, and a loss of fresh water
  • Droughts causing crop shortages and starvation
  • An increase in hurricanes like Katrina that destroy thousand’s of people’s lives as well as causing billions of dollars worth of damage.

Rapid and dramatic climate change is the cause of these increasingly serious issues.

But the change in climate is caused to a large degree by our lifestyles and how we treat the earth.

Environmental Villains

The overuse of fossil fuels that power our vehicles.

The overuse of chemicals that go into the soil and the air.

The huge amount of energy and resources used in creating food packaging.

The vast amounts of waste generated by food packaging that goes into our landfills. (Styrofoam egg cartons can take 100’s of years to degrade!)

The tons of fumes put out by burning all that waste that is damaging the delicate balance of our Eco-system.

These are all huge contributors to global climate change and ecological damage to our planet. 

Violent Thunder & Lightning Storm

To learn more about global climate change you can check these guys out over at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Environmental Heroes

Families raising chickens.

Yep, families raising chickens and having backyard gardens are good for the eco-system which is good for the planet!

We really believe that we have a responsibility to our kids as well as future generations to help protect and care for this planet since it is home to all of us.

We also think that If we all just made a few changes in our lifestyles and habits, we could make a big difference in helping to slow or even maybe even someday stop climate change and environmental damage.

One way we can all make a difference is through ecologically sound living practices wherever possible like buying products that are reusable and by recycling.

Another great step in the right direction is to have your own small flock of backyard chickens and your own backyard vegetable garden.

If you've never considered this, it may at first sound somewhat crazy, but this is a trend that has caught fire and is growing every day, all around the world.

Momma chicken with her brood of baby chicks.

There are many benefits:

  • Owning your own flock of small chickens will give you fresh eggs almost daily.
  • The chicken manure can be composted to create an excellent and free fertilizer.
  • The fertilizer can be used on your vegetable garden to organically grow big, healthy, fresh vegetables.
  • When the chicken is ready to be harvested, you have healthy chemical free chicken meat.
  • It increases your family's self-sufficiency.

This is the way nature intended for things to work. It’s good for us and it’s good for the planet.

The reason it’s good for the planet is because everything is done organically so there are no harmful chemicals going into the soil or the atmosphere.

You’re driving your vehicle less often to go get food which saves gas (and saves you money). You’re generating less waste from the packaging that store bought foods come in, which means there's less trash going into land fills and / or being incinerated.

All of this decreases our carbon footprint which will make a huge difference in our ability to help slow or stop global climate change and the negative affects to the environment.

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