Chickens as Pets

Two Happy Little Girls with Pet Chickens

Are You and Your family Considering Keeping Chickens As Pets?

Or do you already have pet chickens? If you do, we'd love to hear about your most memorable moments with your chickens and so would our readers.

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If you don't already have chickens as pets, here are some helpful tips to bring the little critters closer to you and your family; 

Gently Hold and Cuddle Every Day

Hold and cuddle your baby chicks gently from their very first days of life, but be careful not to over do it as newborn chicks are fragile and you can hurt them.

As your chicks get older, you can handle them more frequently, but always be gentle and affectionate.

Hand feed your chicks as you hold them and cuddle them. Keep up the hand feeding and handling all through their lives; every day.

Good “Rules of Thumb" for Choosing a Pet Chicken

  • Stick with hens!
  • Pick a quiet breed of chicken.
  • Look for chickens that come in pleasing colors.
  • Cute and cuddly is good.
  • Smaller size may be preferred so your young children can pick them up.

Excellent Chicken Breeds for Pets

  • Silkie – This breed of chicken is extremely popular for families looking for a pet. They enjoy being held and have a fluffy appearance which makes them very appealing to children.
  • Sussex – Hardy, friendly and adapt easily to confinement. These chickens make excellent pet chickens and are very popular with families raising chickens!
  • Plymouth Rock – Easy to tame, they have white and black stripes on their feathers. This breed is very popular as pets. They lay brown eggs.
  • Orpington – This breed lays brown eggs and continues to lay eggs in the winter. They are very friendly and they make very good pets.
  • Australorp – These chickens are good with children and allow themselves to be handled and picked up. They are also good egg layers.
  • Ameraucana and Auracana – These chickens lay colored eggs, blue or blue-green. They are docile and easily kept in a confined space. They come in various pleasant color patterns.
  • Pekin Bantams – These chickens are quiet, cuddly, cute little birds that squat. They have full plumage that comes in a large range of colors and feathered feet. 
  • Chinese Silky – These chickens have unique silky, fur like feathers and an interesting tuft on their head. They're small, light-weight (about 2 lbs.) and very docile. They come in pure white and a variety of colors.
  • Brahma – A bigger size chicken and fairly attractive. They lay brown eggs.
  • Cochin – Unique looking birds with fancy feathers in a variety of colors.  Very friendly!
  • Jersey Giant – Friendly with people and they do well for those who want to keep bigger chickens as pets.  These are the largest breed of chicken. They continue to lay eggs into the winter.
Kids building trust with baby chickens.

Building Trust

If your family is gentle and loving when raising baby chicks and they are well treated, you will be able to build a loving, trusting bond with your new pets.

When trust is firmly established, chickens raised as pets do not tend to run away as much. They are able to enjoy stroking and cuddling with those who have truly built their trust of human contact. They will follow you around, seek your company and even nap in your lap.

Baby chicks are gentle precocious creatures and they are very fun to watch and quite nice to have around.

Keeping chickens as pets is great for those who love its very sociable nature.


Teach Your Children

When raising backyard chickens, it's a terrific idea to get your kids involved in caring for your family’s baby chicks. This helps them to develop a bond with the chicks and also teaches them the responsibility that comes from caring for a pet. 

Children and chickens can be a great combination but you need to be sure to educate yourself so you are able to teach your children how to properly and gently hold and feed your baby chicks.

Raising chickens as pets is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience that we're sure you and your family will enjoy.

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