Chicken Supplies 

Young Girl Holding Baby Chick

Choosing the Right Chicken Supplies

You'll need the right supplies to properly care for your new flock now that you've decided to become a chicken owner and raise your own birds.

Depending on how you choose to begin your flock will in large part determine which supplies you’ll need and in what quantities.

If you decide to begin with unhatched eggs, you will want the following:

Chicken Incubators (these come in many styles and designs from around $20.00 for mini incubators for kids to learn on, all the way into the $100.00s of dollars depending on the features, size and quality.)

Chick Brooder (these can be made as well as bought and can even double as an incubator if set up correctly.)

Warming Light (very important, the warming light is used to control the temperature as your chicks grow.)

Baby Chick Food (there are specific feeds for chicks as opposed to adults and some feeds are better as well as more expensive than others).

Chick Sized Feeder (way worth the money!)

Bedding (there are many options here, but do not use cedar shavings, they can be toxic to chicks.)


If you choose to buy baby chicks you won’t need the incubator although you will still need all the rest to give your baby chicks the care they need. 

Once your hatchlings or chicks have grown to a sufficient size or if you choose to buy mature laying hens, you will need the following: 

Chicken coop

Nesting Boxes (If you choose not to use a coop, these are pretty handy to keep you from having to find where your hens laid their eggs!)

Chicken Feed (Your chickens can also eat a lot of the insects and pests in your yard which can save you money on feed.)

Chicken Feeders (optional but nice & save money!)

Chicken Waterer or water source.


In all cases, you’ll want to provide the proper care your flock needs to thrive. As long as you’re properly prepared with the right  supplies for your chickens, you and your family should be able to look forward to many years of fresh, delicious eggs and happy, healthy chickens.

You can also expect great times bonding as a family, increased self sufficiency by having a renewable food supply and of course, some great entertainment watching the crazy antics that chickens often engage in.

We wish you and your family a successful, enjoyable experience raising and caring for your new flock of chickens.

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