Chicken Little

by Kelly
(Delhi, California)

I had purchased two small chicks when I was a teenager. I kept them in the house in our bathroom until they were old enough to go outside on their own. They were very cute and friendly but made a huge mess! Once they were old enough to be moved in a cage outside, I immediately placed them in their cage.

I had not picked any names yet because they looked very similar. Once they hit adult hood I was able to tell them apart, not just from looks but from their personalities. Yes chickens have their own personalities! The biggest one was named Chicken Little; yes I know naming a chicken Chicken Little is weird. The second one, he was only a little smaller then Chicken Little was named Spanky.

Sadly Spanky had managed to get out of his coop and our dogs got to him leaving behind just feathers. I was very upset, more at myself for not having the cage properly secure, then my dogs. They did what dogs always do. This left Chicken Little alone, I was going to get her a new friend but I had noticed she seemed to be more energetic by himself. Inside of his chicken coop I had placed some balls with bells and of course her food and water. She loved her chicken feed a lot, but not nearly as much as fresh fruits and worms. I would give her fruit every other day, and she knew when it was coming. She would get very excited, making lots of clucking noises and flapping her wings.
Her main fruit of choice was strawberries.

She had such a cute personality and she could tell me apart from my family members. Whenever I got sick and couldn't come out to feed her my mother or sister would do it for me. I had heard my sister yell and then she came running in the house. I had asked her what happen and before I finished my sentience she told me.

Chicken Little had chased her and pecked at her hands and legs. She didn't want my sister in her coop. She has only ever pecked at me when I wore nail polish. She didn't like the colors on my fingers and would sit and peck my nails over and over until I was done.

That is my story on chickens as pets. I think they make wonderful pets as long as you know what they need and how to properly take care of them. You should also make sure your cage/coop is nice and secure so no animals can get in and so that they can't get out. I hope you enjoyed my story! -Kelly

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Apr 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

That story is so adorable! Those chickens were very lucky to have you and your family.

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