Chicken and Mushrooms cooked in white sauce.

by Anonymous

Chicken and Mushrooms cooked in white sauce.

The occupations of the country of Romania’s inhabitants were agriculture, livestock and hunting since ancient times. Through the Daco-Roman formation, the culinary culture of the Romanian people has inherited many unique and special habits.

This is a simple and unpretentious dish that my family prepared for many generations, designed to gather the loved ones around the table. Serve immediately after cooking; it is so tasty, that there will remain no trace of it.

The ritual begins with the overthrow of the polenta (cornmeal boiled with water) and ends with the kids licking the plates, so that no drop should be wasted.

I will always remember my grandparents telling me how they tried to explore their cooking abilities even when they didn't have much to eat. They have many fails and many successes and this is one of the good results.

Legs, wings and back of a young country chicken, 400 g of fresh mushrooms, 1 carrot, 1 parsnip, 1 onion, quarter of a celery, 50 g of butter, 3 tablespoons flour, 1 bunch of parsley, salt, and pepper.

Cook the chicken meat for about half an hour, taking the foam out when necessary. Add the carrots, mushrooms, parsnips, onions, and celery. Leave them peeled and whole. Then heat at low fire and leave until both meat and vegetables are well cooked. Melt butter in a large pan, and then add the flour, stirring constantly until we get a white sauce. Add one soup ladle at a time of the broth and vegetables while stirring constantly, until mixture is smooth like a thin cream. Add chicken pieces, matching salt and pepper and leave it about 5 minutes to cook. Meanwhile we chop the parsley.

The hot “Chicken with Mushrooms” is served immediately after cooking, sprinkle with parsley and polenta, or kept warm until serving.

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