A Great and Rewarding Hobby

by Sumana P
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

If you are considering keeping chickens as pets, congratulations!

You will find that chickens make surprisingly good pets and also provide an array of other benefits as well, including a supply of fresh, organic eggs.

Some people shy away from the idea of keeping chickens as pets because they believe the care and maintenance to be too complicated or they are wary of the idea of chickens making good pets.

While it is true that there are some breeds of chickens that are not very docile and are best kept for meat and eggs, there are also many different varieties of chickens to choose from and many make excellent pets!

All over the world, dogs, cats, parrots, goldfish, rabbits and even mice have always been treasured pets but believe it or not, keeping a pet chicken is a bundle of joy and love delivered at your doorstep!

They are affectionate, loving and very sweet and soon it will become your best friend, if you love it and take good care of it.

Keeping chickens as pet is an inexpensive and fascinating hobby your whole family can enjoy.

I've been raising chickens for more than twenty years, so that's given me a pretty good perspective on the question above. I'm also totally addicted to this great hobby!

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Apr 10, 2014
Great points!
by: Kelly

Chickens definitely have their own personalities! Mine are too weird sometimes to even be real

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