Why Grow Vegetables Too?

Flock of Happy, Healthy Chickens

Why Grow Vegetables Along With Having a Flock?

Choosing to raise your own vegetables in your own backyard garden goes hand in hand with raising your own flock of backyard chickens and is a concept that we strongly support. 

Before we get started, we'd like to share a short little video that we made for you. You can see it here.

Benefits of a Backyard Garden

  • The combination of your own flock and garden leads to much greater self-sufficiency.
  • The vegetables are completely organic (hopefully you’re gardening organically!)
  • The garden can be fertilized with composted chicken manure.
  • Your garden pests like snails can be largely controlled by your flock.
  • It doesn't take much space to grow a backyard garden.
  • Growing your own vegetables is good for you and good the environment.
  • Growing your own veggies can save you money.

Some Good Reasons for a Backyard Garden

There are a lot of reasons that people choose to have a vegetable garden, one of my favorite reasons is the desire to be more self-sufficient.

Depending on how you choose to set up your garden and the vegetables you choose to grow, you can have fresh vegetables for 6 months or more throughout the year.

For some, they love the idea of having freshly grown vegetables in their salad or along with their dinner.

There is nothing fresher than vegetables that you just harvested from your own backyard.

Others like the idea of getting back to nature and getting their hands dirty by working with the soil and growing something from the earth that is good, healthy, and natural.

Some people find gardening to be an enjoyable experience that helps to relieve stress and gets them outside in the sun and fresh air.

Then there are those that like to grow vegetables competitively and show off their giant vegetables at local shows and fairs.

Young woman enjoying tending her vegetable garden.

Growing your own backyard vegetable garden is a great family activity that everyone can help do and it's inexpensive compared to buying fresh, organic vegetables.

It doesn't take a lot of time or space to do it successfully.

And it’s great for teaching kids about nature, the seasons and cycles, as well as helping them to learn responsibility by helping to feed the family.

There are plenty of terrific reasons for starting your own backyard vegetable garden.

If you’re considering growing your own vegetables for whatever reason, we think you’re making a great decision.

Backyard gardens and backyard flocks compliment each other perfectly!

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