Chickens, Why People Raise Them

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 Why Do People Raise Chickens? 

Raising your own flock is a popular pastime that has continued to grow rapidly in popularity over the last decade, but why do people want to raise their own flock and why has it become so popular?

The answers to that are as varied as the people that choose to do it..

In the Beginning

Traditionally, raising poultry was something primarily done on the family farm out in the country. 

Over the past 70+ years the majority of the population went from a rural to an urban lifestyle. Raising chickens was now being done more and more in large commercial facilities and less and less on the family homestead.

A New Trend is Emerging

People from every conceivable background and financial situation in urban and suburban neighborhoods all across America are choosing to raise their own small, back yard poultry flocks for their own personal reasons.

Why are people raising chickens?

One of the more popular reasons is the desire to eat healthier, fresh food that hasn't been exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

No matter how fresh the store bought products claim to be, nothing is as fresh as walking out to your backyard and gathering fresh eggs from your own flock that are rich, tasty, and just plain delicious.

The average hen lays between 200 to 300 fresh eggs per year that are high in protein, eats unwanted pests in your backyard or garden and creates super efficient plant fertilizer in the form of chicken droppings. And at the end of the hen’s productive laying period… well, with all the wonderful recipes available for chicken and eggs, you've got a delicious Sunday dinner for your family.

Poultry takes up very little effort or space in comparison to what they offer in return. 

And of course there is the added benefit of knowing that the birds are being treated humanely and aren't being subjected to the use of steroids, drugs, or chemicals that may be unsafe for human consumption.

Happy Little Girls With Their Pet Chickens

Another benefit of owning your own flock is that raising poultry is often found to be an enjoyable and fun experience that the whole family can participate in together.

Young children to the elderly are able to collect eggs and help care for the family flock (yes, we are very big believers in family).

Interestingly enough, many people actually become attached to their birds and continue to keep them as family pets even after they’re no longer productive egg layers.

Some birds will actually follow their owners around, sit in their laps and even eat out of their hands.

Chickens have their own personalities just as people, cats, or dogs do and some of them have gorgeous and impressive plumage, they even have poultry shows which attract a very respectable following.

There are those that enjoy the nostalgia of years past when they had poultry in earlier times or if they recently emigrated from an area where it was normal and common for families to raise poultry.

For these folks, owning poultry gives them a sense of continuity with their home countries as well as giving them a sense of normalcy in their daily lives.

And, raising poultry is good for the environment.

Another great reason that people choose to raise their own poultry is the desire to be more self-sufficient. (We strongly believe in, and encourage this concept.)

As you can see, there are many reasons that people and families raise their own poultry and all of them are pretty darn good.

If you decide that raising your own flock is something you and your family would enjoy, you’re in good company.

If it’s permissible where you live and you feel like you might like some education and assistance in getting started, we are here to help!

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