Buying a Chicken Coop

Atlantis Chicken Coop, Perfect for 4-8 chickens!

Buying a Chicken Coop for Your New Flock is a Great Option

For those of you who don’t have the time, tools, or the desire to build one yourself, this is a great way to go.

There are lots of different chicken coop plans, designs, types, sizes, and styles available.

There are small urban chicken coops all the way up to hen houses that are the size of a small house that you can choose from depending on what your wants and needs are.

The functional differences will largely be in the features it has and the number of chickens it will comfortably house.

When it comes to style and design differences, they can be as different and varied as the person buying it.

To ensure that you’re buying the coop that is right for you and will meet your flock’s needs, you’ll first want to be sure about what your flock will consist of as far as the type, size, and number of chickens you’ll have.

We have some great information about small coop sizes and larger coop sizes that you can check out to get an idea of the size that will be best for your flock.

We also have a great page that will give you a quick overview of some of the features that are available in a chicken coop that you can check out.

Some other areas for consideration that will have an influence on the type and size coop that you besides the type, size, and number of chickens will be where you’re going to locate your coop and whether your flock will need to stay penned or whether they’re able to free range.

Once you have an idea of the features and size coop that you want, it’s time to start looking at some of the different coops that are for sale. You can buy used chicken coops as well as new ones depending on your needs and budget.

Dual nesting boxes & Removable poop tray.

A great place to find both new and used coops locally are sources like Craigslist, eBay classifieds, local farmers markets, etc.

Often times these are already completely assembled, saving you from having to put anything together.

The coop in the pictures above is one we're proud to be affiliated with.

This coop is available through Craigslist in Southern California and sells for around $425.00 as shown.

This coop is great for up to 8 average size hens with 2 nesting boxes, 78" inches of roosting space, 24 square feet of run space, a removable poop tray for easy cleaning, and a ramp that closes for extra security.

In my experience, some sellers may even offer free delivery and if they don’t offer it, it certainly won't hurt to ask them if they’ll deliver it for free or for a small fee.

If at all possible, you really do want to go see any coop before you commit to buy it just to be sure it is in good condition and has all the features you want.

Another option is to purchase a new one from a local pet store or animal feed store.

You can also purchase online from a lot of the big retailers like Walmart, PetSmart, Amazon, etc. I've seen some of their ads for coops starting at around $250.00 dollars. There are many other online sources you can buy from with prices starting as low as $200.00 and ranging well up into the $1000.00s. Just be sure to check out the specs thoroughly and read the reviews. You often get what you pay for and some of the cheaper coops are quite small and not very well made.

Some of these will offer free shipping and can even help to arrange assembling your coop and installing it where you want. If they don’t offer it, you can always hire one of the local handyman services to put it together for you and position it where you want it.

No matter where you end up buying a chicken coop from, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about your new coop.

This includes: features, maintenance, etc. Also be sure to compare at least 2 or 3 different ones just to be sure you’re getting what you really want.

After all, it is your money and you worked hard for it!

Buying a chicken coop is a great option and with a little homework, you can get yourself a great coop at a great price.

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