Backyard Vegetable Gardens

Big, Healthy Vegetable Garden

Having Your Own Backyard Vegetable Garden for Fresh Vegetables Along With a Backyard Chicken Flock Is Good for Your family and the Environment. 

A Little History

People have long known that certain plants and vegetables were good to eat. But way back when, we were mostly doing the hunting and gathering thing and didn't quite have the whole domesticating animals and growing crops thing down like we do now.

As time went on we learned how to successfully domesticate animals like chickens (Chickens are believed to have been domesticated over 8000 years ago.) as well as how to successfully plant and grow vegetables to feed our families.

This was a very good thing since we were now more in control of our food sources which made us way more self-sufficient. We no longer had to follow the herds or go looking for food anymore, we had a ready source that consistently available, nice!

Woman Holding Bountiful Harvest

Back to the Future

We’re now at the stage where many families can have their own small backyard flock of chickens and backyard vegetable garden to help supply their families’ nutritional needs with fresh meat, organic eggs and vegetables.

We think there are a lot of great reasons why growing your own vegetables in your own garden are a great idea.

We think doing it along with raising your own backyard flock is an even better idea since they are both good for the environment.

Also, chicken manure is an excellent, organic fertilizer for backyard gardens which will help you to get big, healthy vegetables and save you money since you won’t need to be buying expensive commercial fertilizers.

Getting Started

When you’re ready to start your backyard garden, you’ll need to consider what vegetables you and your family want to grow based on your area and your family’s preferences.

For this, be sure to read up on Backyard Vegetable Garden Tips and Supplies.

You’ll also want to decide how you’re going to grow your garden. The size and shape of your backyard space will determine the location and layout you choose when setting up your garden. If you're tight on space, we have a wonderful, Free eBook on container gardening that you can order here.

There are many great choices when it comes to picking which veggies you want to plant that are affordable and good for your family because they’re completely organic.

Whichever route you choose to set up your garden or whatever selection of veggies you decide on to start your vegetable garden, we’re sure you’ll love having delicious, healthy, organically grown vegetables fresh from your own garden.

And once you have those delicious vegetables ready, we have some great recipes using chicken along with your vegetables that you can check out Here.

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To see even more recipes or to share one of your favorite recipes, Click Here.

 A backyard vegetable garden is the perfect compliment to raising your own

backyard flock of chickens.

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