How to Raise Chickens Successfully in Your Own Backyard!

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How to Raise Chickens, Successfully!

Learning how to raise chickens is fairly easy. But like anything new, it may at first seem a little intimidating. Don't be scared, these birds are awesome and they can even be the best of pets!

Of course when it comes to raising and caring for your own flock, it does require a little bit of knowledge to get started and it helps to have a place where you can easily get that knowledge.

That's why we're here. 

We've written pages & pages & even more pages packed with useful information (please see our Site Map for a complete listing) designed to help you learn what you'll need to know when it comes to how to raise chickens successfully.

We've also got tips & advice for getting started with an organic backyard vegetable garden to help your family eat healthier while becoming more self-sufficient as a family.

And we've even added a bunch of tasty, healthy recipes using both chicken and/or eggs just for your dining enjoyment.

So, please come on in and explore our site.

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A Little History on Raising Chickens and Backyard Gardens

On small family farms and homesteads all across America, raising their own flock of chickens and having a backyard vegetable garden was a way of life for our grandparents and great grandparents who had to be much more self-sufficient (a good idea for all of us) to survive and thrive. 

Their flocks provided nutrition in the form of fresh eggs and meat for the family in earlier years as well as pest extermination to protect their gardens and manure that was composted to help fertilize those gardens for big, fresh, and healthy vegetables.

Learning how to raise and care for a backyard flock along with growing vegetables was a way of life that kept the family closer together and made them much more self-sufficient.

Mom & Daughter resting in lush garden

Looking to the ways that our families did things in the past in combination with the technology and knowledge we have available today is a smart way to ensure renewable, high quality, and healthy food sources for the future as well as increasing the self-sufficiency of your family.

We think these are worthy goals for every family.

Learning how to raise your own flock of backyard chickens along with having a backyard garden are great first steps in accomplishing these goals and you can even use the chicken manure to make a great fertilizer for your garden!

We hope that you'll have some fun while you're here, learn a bunch about raising backyard chickens, increase your self-sufficiency, grow closer as a family, and maybe even save some money!

So if you and your family are ready to get involved in the enjoyable and exciting world of raising chickens, come on in, look around, stay a while, and have some fun!

We wish you and your family great joy and many wonderful times as you raise and care for your flock (and hopefully garden) together!

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